Plant Nite

Plant Nite

Have you ever heard of Paint Nite? If not, it is an awesome event where you pay for a ticket, they equip you with all the supplies necessary to paint the painting you selected, then teach you how to paint it! Chris and I did this about a year ago and LOVED it. It is usually held at a local restaurant or bar. Not too long ago I received an email promoting Plant Nite. I was immidiately interested. Especially with a 30% off coupon! (Use the code PLANTS30) Now Plant Nite is the same idea, but instead of a painting, you build a terrarium. Now let me tell you a secret. Brittany, my cousin who is also my best friend, love terrariums! This event is perfect for the two of us. The event was held at Great Society Cider & Mead. I have never had cider before so this was even more exciting for me. I love trying new things. Brittany and I show up just in time for happy hour! I honestly wish I knew what we ordered because we loved it all. We attended this event a few weeks ago before my thought of a blog was starting to become a legit goal. There is one I was able to remember based off their website which is the Tieton Apricot Cider which was delicious! We also had the Garlic Parmesan Fries which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. So after we finished eating, we began to start with our terrariums. We started with pet rocks. I have no idea why, but we painted rocks to look like lady bugs. I did not put mine in my finished terrarium. After the pet rock, we moved on to filling our terrarium with soil. Then we got to chose our succulent plants. I was really looking forward to this. I love succulent plants. One day, when Chris and I buy our big house, I am going to decorate it with succulents everywhere! After we plant those we move onto rocks, then moss, then more rocks. Lastly, the greatest addition to our terrariums, DINOSAURS! I picked a stegosaurus and Brittany picked a brachiosaurus. Our finished terrariums are beautiful. They say that succulents are great for those who kill plants because they are difficult to kill. I have faith she keeps this one alive! Chris is helping me big time by giving my terrarium the perfect amount of water every few days! Not only are these terrariums awesome, but so was the experience. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind getting their hands a little dirty.  I absolutely love Brittany and the time I get with her. I truly mean it when I say she is my best friend. I cannot wait until we try something else new!


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  1. Thank you for sharing the great news about plant night! I never knew that existed and I am eager to try it out. My friends and I would love this. Definitely trying soon!!!!

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