Backstreet Boys Las Vegas Trip – Day Two

Backstreet Boys Las Vegas Trip – Day Two

Hey everyone! Day two post is here! We left off the first day exhausted, but woke up the second day refreshed and ready to seize the day! We woke up this morning and began to get ready for the day. We really love The Ellis Island Hotel and Casino so we decided we would go there for breakfast. It is a must stop when in Las Vegas for us. Its off the strip, but not far at all! Before we headed over there, we went over to The Cosmopolitan again to gamble some more. After we did that we went and caught a Lyft over to Ellis Island. If you don’t have Lyft, it is a must for Las Vegas. You don’t have to worry about driving and it is so much cheaper than a taxi. We ordered a shared Lyft. This means if there is anyone on the same route, or near you, can ride together and the fare is a lot cheaper. Sometimes you will get lucky and no one will be in the car with you. We were those lucky people! The total for our Lyft was $6.27 with tip! How awesome is that?

Ellis Island Village Pub & Cafe

I’ll be straight the point, the food is cheap and it is good here. I do have to say I believe they changed this place some. The food was cheaper and different from what it was this time when we tried it. Chris and I got the steak and eggs. It was very good. I definitely recommend it! I normally have the Chicken Fried Steak, but I wasn’t feeling it this time, so I decide to try the steak and eggs for the first time. For the two of us to eat here the total was $29.96. The service is always great here and we get our food quickly and always correctly. We usually like to make this a must do place when we are in town! After this we walked back to the hotel because why not? It is Las Vegas after all and walking is a must.

The Pleasure Pool

I have been wanting to go to a pool party for a while, but seeing as we didn’t have enough time, we just decided to go to the hotel pool. It wasn’t a pool party, but it was fun. We weren’t there for long at all. We stayed for about 30 minutes. It was hot and the pool was very cold. It took a while for me to ease into it and eventually I did! We didn’t get anything to drink because they were out of my beer choices so we decided to just hang out for a while. We met a girl who was also going to the concert and we got to talking with her about our plans for dinner and what not. She was incredibly nice and it was great talking to her. There was also a DJ and he was pretty good. I actually enjoyed it. The pool wasn’t super packed, but it was a thursday so we couldn’t expect it to be that busy. It was actually better that way. I enjoyed the pool time, but I knew we had to hurry because we had dinner reservations at 6:15pm. So we headed back up to our room to get ready for the big night!

Hex Bar + Kitchen


I have to admit I am so excited to write about this. I’m sure you can tell by now that Chris and I are all about the deals. I am not sure if you have heard of Travelzoo, but boy do they have some good deals on there! Before we left for this trip, Chris found a coupon for this place called Hex Bar + Kitchen. We immediately took to Yelp to look at pictures of food and reviews. We knew we had to try it for ourselves. We ended up getting the Travelzoo coupon. It was $69.00 for dinner for two and the regular price was $144.00. Isn’t that crazy? Now let me tell you something about this food: it was phenomenal, and I am obsessed with this place. With this Travelzoo coupon, you get one appetizer. We decided to get the Cheese and Charcuterie (first picture on the left) which is different cured meats, cheeses, and a giant pretzel. Holy cow, I loved that pretzel. I was eating it all throughout dinner. You also get either two soups or two salads. Since I am a caesar girl, we decided to go with the Caesar salads. It is my favorite, so believe me when I say I cleaned that bowl right up! Next up was the entree. We each were able to get an entree up to $38.95, which covers and entree on the menu. We could have gotten filet mignon, but we knew we wouldn’t be eating for the rest of the night, so we wanted to have a little more protein to fill us up. So we both ended up ordering the New York Steak. We also ordered a side of asparagus because the steak comes alone. This was too good. I loved every bite of that steak and asparagus. Lastly, you get a dessert to share. If you go, get the Ecuadorian Brownie. I dream about this dessert. Sometimes I can still taste it. It comes with coffee ice cream placed right on top of the brownie. So good! Chris and I bring up this dessert all the time. It is just that good! I honestly recommend this place, but definitely think about getting the Travelzoo if it is still available.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreets back, alright! I have been waiting for this for a long time. Now I love me some Backstreet Boys so when I found out about their residency, I was stoked! I knew we had to go. Chris and I found some resale tickets a while before the concert date. Poor girl couldn’t make it out anymore. Lucky us, we got a good deal. We sat in section 203 row A seat 1 and 2. This was the front row of our section. It was perfect. While we were sitting waiting for it to start, the venue put on what was like a montage of old music, with new music, that included music video clips and pictures. Looking back on those clips was crazy. I was getting so impatient waiting for them to come on. We each got our drinks and we’re ready for the show. Chris had to get a margarita just so that I get get a souvenir cup, but he didn’t mind at all. Speaking of souvenirs, below are pictures of the cup, a tank top, and a jacket that I got. What can I say, I love my boys. This concert was so great. Everything about it just blew me away. Especially getting serenaded to by Brian. He held my hand and everything. This was so crazy. I will post the video to the Facebook page! How insane is that? I had no idea this was going to happen. I am so grateful it did though. This was such an amazing night and I could not have picked anyone better to experience this with.



Pin Up Pizza

After we left the concert we walked the strip a little. We ended up getting really tired, but we were a little hungry. We decided to try Pin Up Pizza that is outside of Planet Hollywood Hotel. We each got a piece of pizza. We overestimated our hunger for sure. We both only ate half of our slices because they were huge! They were delicious though. We knocked out after this. We were full, exhausted, and filled with joy. It was time for bed.

Las Vegas, we’re out!

We woke up this morning happy and not ready to go home. We packed up and headed out. First, we had breakfast. We stopped at Earl of Sandwich in our hotel. I have never had their breakfast before, so I was looking forward to it. We both had the Ham, Egg & Cheddar sandwich and it was really good. Sadly, it was time to head out. We had to be home by a certain time for something very exciting later in the day. I will add, we totally stopped at Alien fresh jerky again on the way home. I could not resist.


Jenn’s High School Graduation

This is it! Jenn graduated. Chris and I made it just in time. I got ready in the car and we headed straight for the graduation. I have been around this beautiful girl for over two and a half years now. I have watched her do homework and go to so many school events. She worked so hard for this. I am so happy that I got to be apart of such an amazing moment in her life. I cannot wait to see all the amazing things she does in her life. I love you like a sister, Jenn. You are incredibly smart, so beautiful, and very wise. Thank you for letting me apart of this and thank you for always hanging out with me for girls days!

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  1. I love the Backstreet Boys! But I had no idea they had a residency in Vegas. I saw them back in 1998 and then I’ve seen them twice since (in like 2012 and 2015 or something). They always put on a good show. I bet Vegas was even better! Glad you had a great time.

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